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Bordeaux, Medoc, Saint Emilion.....world-famous places that offer so much more than just wine:

Bordeaux: a large cultural city famous for its fascinating architecture, museums, theatres, malls, antique shops and colourful markets in the old city centre...

Das Médoc: between the estuary of the Gironde and the Atlantic Ocean picturesque landscapes with wonderful nature and a pleasant climate, enchanting old villages and churches, beautiful farm- and

Saint - Emilion: one of the world’s most famous villages... looks like a work of art sculptured in rock with narrow streets and charming squares, cosy restaurants, arts and crafts shops, picture galleries... and, of course, wine shops and cellars...

Excursions along the rivers Garonne, Dordogne and Charente will take you back in time in a journey through the cultural history of mankind. For more than 17,000 years, people have been appreciating the beauty of the Aquitaine and left us their fascinating treasures......and the imposing fortifications of Vauban appear in the Aquitaine light as magnificent monuments of their time.

...the cave paintings of Lascaux are one of the most important artefacts of early mankind...

...in Santes, the Romans reveal to us their greatness and power in the form of their impressive ruins...everywhere in the region, craftsmen witnessed in the Middle Ages their faith when they created a vast variety of masterpieces of Romanesque architecture...

 Aquitaine - land of water!

Streams, rivers, lakes and the Atlantic Ocean have created a countryside that is with its variety of landscapes and natural charm absolutely unique and spellbinding for everyone.

The families who have lived here for centuries have learned to live with water: they drained the swamps and created enchanted harbours, picturesque marinas and rich oyster beds.

They are proud of every visitor who manages to climb Europe’s highest dune to discover the breathtaking beauty of their scenic region.

Welcome to the Aquitaine... and fall in love with paradise!